I am a NZ associate registered nutritionist who is degree qualified, with a philosophy on diet and lifestyle that creates a foundation for health and wellness. My approach uses evidence based nutritional science combined with natural health to create a tailored and holistic plan that will support, encourage and educate you to create lasting and sustainable changes. It’s not just the simple power of what food can do for you, but how to best use food as a foundation for a lifestyle of vibrant and energetic health. It’s about making your body be the absolute best it can be.

I consult in specific nutrition and lifestyle topics and can work with you one on one or online to help set the right goals in place, and give you tools, recipes, and advice to achieve them. I specialise in fertility nutrition for those who want to increase their chances of a healthy baby through lifestyle and diet, and I also work with those wanting to lose weight, tone up, gain control over hormone imbalances, make better choices when it comes to whole food eating and who are struggling to lose weight on a seemingly healthy diet.


For those who may just want to dip their toes into my nutrition world, you’re welcome to start with my nutrition and recipe guide to start to understand the importance of whole food and why it works for you. You can read about it and purchase it here.  If you have a true foodie or nutrition lover in your life, then this makes a fantastic gift.



The basic idea behind lactation cookies is to offer ingredients that will promote milk production and let down, called galactagogues. Oats, fennel, flaxseed and brewer’s yeast are all considered galactagogues so have been included in this recipe. If you wanted a completely gluten free option, you could swap the 3 cups of oats for 1…


Spiced carrot and pumpkin soup Soup really does happen to be one of my favourite ways to include extra vegetables, add bone broth, and warm up on cold evenings. It’s forever been a soul food for me, and on nights where I want to just curl up and take a break, soup is the only…


Bone broth is not a new and obscure super food, but instead an ancient tradition, that thanks to some “paleo-ers” and a few great whole food enthusiasts has made an epic come back. While you may have held off on making your own batch because it seemed complicated, this article and recipe will change your mind…



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