I am a NZ Registered Nutritionist who works gently with clients to make sure they have great support in a confusing and ever-changing nutrition world.

I specialise in fertility nutrition for those who want to increase their chances of a healthy baby through lifestyle and diet, including those going through medical fertility treatment, pregnancy and infant nutrition, and managing women’s health issues, including endometriosis and PCOS. I also work with general hormone imbalances, gut health, anxiety control support, and those who want to increase hormonal health irrespective of whether they’re ready for a baby.

My approach uses evidence based nutritional science combined with natural health to create a tailored and holistic plan that will support, encourage and educate you to create lasting and sustainable changes. It’s not just the simple power of what food can do for you, but how to best use food as a foundation for a lifestyle of vibrant and energetic health.

While I’m gentle with my clients and am on your side, I offer a no-BS view of what works and what doesn’t and will help you to find what is best for you, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach that needs to retire.


For those who may just want to dip their toes into my nutrition world, you’re welcome to start with my nutrition and recipe guide to start to understand the importance of whole food and why it works for you. You can read about it and purchase it here.  If you have a true foodie or nutrition lover in your life, then this makes a fantastic gift.



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