I’m a NZ registered nutritionist using a holistic and whole food approach to health and wellbeing. I use evidence-based food and lifestyle approaches to create a foundation of health tailored to you.

I work with you to explain important nutrients, quality ingredients, nutritional supplementation, and the biochemistry of both your food and your lifestyle, that will create tailored advice to reach your health goals. I have experience in many areas but I specialise in fertility, hormonal health in women, healthy development of infants and toddler nutrition.

I’m a foodie at heart, and believe that delicious food and nutrition absolutely go hand-in-hand. I spend most evenings in my kitchen creating and trying new things to share with my friends, my family, and my partner. This means you’re offered ideas around food that are not restrictive nor are they boring.

If I’m not in the kitchen or renovating our home, I travel extensively, am a mama on a journey to create a blended family outside the pregnancy norm, and have a love for exercise, art history, dance and photography. While I definitely consider myself a humanitarian, my man is a surfer and an avid environmentalist and together we have a passionate desire to reduce the pollution of our oceans, destruction of forests, and are very vocal when it comes to eliminating plastics at every chance.

My own diet is predominantly plant based and homegrown where I can, complimented with small amounts of organic, free-range and sustainable foods where required. I eat incredibly intuitively and do not follow or align myself to one type of diet. My weaknesses have always been coffee, caramel, and champagne and I enjoy these in small amounts without guilt.

You can follow me on facebook for recipes, links to new articles and recipes, and exciting news from the work I do with others in my field.

My qualifications and professional registration

I am registered with the Nutrition Society of NZ which means I have met their minimum requirements that all registered nutritionists hold a Bachelor’s degree at least, meet their professional experience and further education requirements, and uphold their strict code of ethics. I actually hold two degrees myself: A Bachelor of Science double majoring in Human Nutrition and Exercise Science from Massey University, Auckland, and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology from Waikato University. I am also completing post-grad study in various areas, including some Masters papers before I decide what to continue studying.

The term “nutritionist” is not protected in NZ so anyone with a diploma or even an online course can call themselves a nutritionist, a nutrition coach, or a registered clinical nutritionist. None of those terms come with a guarantee of a degree or experience unfortunately.