The concept of fertility is very different for each and every person, but more and more women are finding that simply removing contraception from their life, is not producing the desired pregnancy they were hoping for, or in some cases you just want to be extra prepared for the journey ahead. Not only women, but men are also struggling from the usual suspects of diet, lifestyle and most importantly stress, so if we can put the best possible steps in place, we’re giving our bodies the best possible chance of conception.

What exactly is fertility nutrition?

Fertility nutrition is diet and specific foods that are going to give you the best chance at conception and a healthy pregnancy. With a focus on whole foods that nourish the gut, produce and balance hormones, create good quality sperm and eggs, nourish a growing fetus, produce required blood stores and much more.

When we’re busy or stressed, we often forget that everything we expect our body to do, really does come from the type of food we’re consuming. Everything we want out of our body must come from the gut. This is especially true when trying to make a small human.

Sperm production and quality for instance is driven by the correct nutrients, low stress, optimal male hormones, avoiding chemical toxicity, and weight management. All these factors directly or indirectly involve good quality food – with both positive and negative influences.

For women, we need to make our hormones through fat and protein predominantly and then ensure they’re acting correctly by eating, breaking down and absorbing the optimum nutrients. It’s then about managing stress to encourage the correct hormone profile, and it’s about lifestyle choices that will encourage not just healthy children, but a healthy pregnancy for you too.

How do I tailor fertility nutrition consultations and plans?

My approach is much more than food. I work with you to tailor a fertility program that will encompass a range of lifestyle changes. Included can be anything from movement and exercise techniques, alternative and natural medicines if/where required, specialist appointments with key health practitioners who all specialise in fertility, and specific dietary guidelines to build a foundation that will give your body the best shot at achieving what can really only be described as a miracle.

If you want to touch base with me first then email me via the contact page and we can discuss what your options are. I cater to your individual situation and can work with you if you’re going through IVF, other medical fertility procedures, or if you don’t want to yet go down that path.

There is no one size fits all approach to fertility and there are no guarantees, but I am passionately driven to giving you the education and tools to help you be in the healthiest position for whatever journey you’re on. Sometimes you simply need to cut through the confusing information and have something designed just for you.

Is fertility nutrition for me?

Whether you have been trying for a few months, are going through IVF treatment, already have children but are struggling for your next one, or simply want to know where you stand, I ensure you know the facts about your general health, hormonal health, how to prepare your body in the most nourishing way possible, and offer practical guidance where necessary. You may already be pregnant but are finding the contradicting information out there confusing and just want to know what’s right for you.

I work with PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages, general fertility concerns, weight loss or appropriate weight gain for pre-conception, general men’s health for fertility, post-hormonal contraception cycle regulation, general women’s health for fertility, pregnancy nutrition, post-natal recovery and early childhood nutrition. I do this with a food first approach, supplements second and only where necessary.

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I had been working with Chantal for the past few years in my general fitness and food lifestyle, but it is my latest achievement, at 39 weeks pregnant that I am grateful she was on board with me. After a miscarriage, I turned to Chantal for advice on what it all meant and what I could do to help encourage a viable pregnancy. She was able to give me wonderful advice about my timing, hormones, correct supplements and vitamins, and other lifestyle changes that would aid this process. Once I fell pregnant it was her words about getting pregnant being only the first step, but that the second one was to encourage a healthy full term baby that stayed with me throughout my pregnancy and kept me calm and collected when I needed it. I’m thankful for the timely check ins and advice when I needed it the most, and having Chantal at the end of the phone was a blessing. I feel as though I have been successful thus far in growing a healthy baby and now it’s time to meet my wee tot and continue on with this journey and new chapter of being a mum!

Leigh, baby girl born December 2015

Chantal helped me navigate the all so confusing plethora of information you get bombarded with when trying to get pregnant. After 5 years of fertility treatment I was burnt out and just having someone checking in weekly on how I was doing and giving me easy doable tips gave me back some control in what is a very unsettling time. She understood all the complexities of the fertility treatments I was going through, and offered great advice on how to best compliment them with diet and lifestyle. I’m a confident cook and have a pretty good understanding of what is good for me. But just a few little tips and tools meant I knew I was doing the best for me and my journey to becoming a Mum.  My husband and I are now huge fans of cauliflower rice and zucchini pasta – simple changes like these meant we got more good stuff in our diets without much fuss. Chantal’s direct, no fuss, no guilt approach meant I could ask her anything without feeling stupid or judged.

Nicole, baby boy born January 2016

I have Chantal to thank for supporting me through my first pregnancy with our son who was safely born 4 weeks ago. Although I was doing my best to eat as healthy as possible, I was losing so much energy and being self employed and working on my feet for long hours 6 days a week, I found it more and more difficult as I got further into my pregnancy to not just try to gain more energy but to sustain it. By the time I was into my second trimester I was suffering from lack of energy, interrupted sleep, and nausea. Chantal kindly explained to me and helped me understand the processes my body was having to face at each phase of my pregnancy and what I could do to help myself feel better, both through diet and lifestyle. She taught me not just what to eat but how I should be eating. It was small and simple “do-able” changes that made the huge difference. I’m not a big fan of taking supplements so it helped me so much to understand about eating for optimum results and making my food as nourishing as possible. Chantal was great because she didn’t over whelm me with too much information. It was really interesting in general to know about how our bodies function and react with the food we eat and her suggestions were what I could do easily on a day to day basis. As a result I was able to approach the last half of my pregnancy feeling a lot better, having more energy and feeling much happier. I was able to have a home birth without any help of medications and recovered very well and fast. If I were to have another baby in the future I would definitely seek advice from Chantal as soon as I get pregnant and aim for a better eating plan to help myself feel as good as I can be through the tough journey!

Ulala, baby boy born January 2016

Despite being a healthy and very active person, I had struggled to fall pregnant with the exception of a miscarriage. I was very concerned with why I was having trouble so I contacted Chantal for advice to see if some changes in my eating and lifestyle habits could help. I approached her at Christmas time and while she couldn’t see me face to face immediately she offered tips I could start on straight away. She was approachable at our first meeting, discussed challenges, food and lifestyle choices and how I could boost my chances of natural conception. She was positive and encouraging in her responses to my questions and I fell pregnant within a couple of months of meeting her. It was an honour having Chantal’s ongoing support and advice and someone I will certainly encourage others to see should they be having fertility issues. Thanks for helping me become a mum to a beautiful baby girl.

Leonie, baby girl born Dec 2016