I am currently on part-time parental leave so I am booking up my very limited spaces well in advance. Please accept my apologies, as I am prioritising hormonal, gut and fertility clients but if I can’t see you for general nutrition I can refer you to Registered Nutritionists in your area.


As an associate registered nutritionist with Nutrition Society of NZ, if you’re insured with Southern Cross, my fees may be covered on some plans. Please check with them to see if you’re covered.

Nutrition Services

Initial consultation and personalised protocol $150
Follow up consult with protocol adjustment $100
Check in 20 minutes (phone/email) $50
Food diary analysis with follow up $120
Food diary analysis via email only $100
One on one email support $50 per month

Antenatal and coffee group sessions for introduction to solids also available on request.


For those who would like comprehensive support

Fertility package $450 females or $850 for couples

Comprehensive health package $450 or $850 for couples

Both the fertility and health packages per person include an initial consultation, 3 half hour follow ups including one with a food diary analysis, 3 months email support directly with me, and a copy of Eating Whole for recipe guidance.

Your appointments can be pre-booked or arranged as we go. Everything is structured and tailored around your individual situation, goals, and health concerns. You also get a copy of Eating Whole to make cooking at home easier.


Areas I specialise in

Women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and infant nutrition

  • Pre-conception nutrition for men and women
  • Hormonal balancing, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis
  • Sleep and stress management
  • Post OCP/Mirena transition
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Managing medical fertility treatment or infertility diagnosis through dietary support
  • Infant and toddler nutrition including introducing solids and antenatal group chats
  • Exercise assessment for fertility goals

Gut, hormonal and health management

  • Digestive upsets, bloating, cramps, irregular bowel habits
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • IBS, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, low FODMAP plans
  • Fatigue and mood disturbances
  • Infant wind, gas, gut disturbances, gut upsets after c-section birth or antibiotics

I also refer to a Remuera based dietician if required, who specialises in IBD, cancer management, renal failure, diabetes, and diseases requiring medical management.

For those requiring natural therapy and holistic healthcare, I refer onto a range of qualified and experienced practitioners to suit your goals. You can find out more about some of those people here.



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Birkenhead Point Clinic
Evening appointments on request but are limited, and skype is available for outside Auckland

I also run Hamilton and Wellington clinics a few times a year, so happy to meet you in these cities, or skype consultations are always available for those outside Auckland.



What is involved in your first consultation?
I gather a comprehensive history of your health before we tackle the issues you have and advice you need. We map out the steps required to get to your realistic goals, and you leave with tools to start this process. Your specific and tailored protocol is emailed to you within 2 days to help you stay on track.

Your fee covers the time I spend behind the scenes preparing and writing your protocol, refining information and recipes, seeking professional mentoring, supervision and researching the latest scientific evidence to support your nutrition steps and goals.

How often do we need to meet?
This depends on your goals but I can see many clients for a single one-off meeting when they’re in need of a bit of refining or a simple health goal or issue looked at. If you’re after accountability, sustainable health goals, management of conditions, or major changes that take place over a course of a few months to a year, then follow up or touching base appointments are strongly recommended and the best approach is an initial consultation, food diary analysis and two follow ups booked over 3 months.

What is involved in follow up consultations?
We sit down and go over your goals and all the things between your last consult and now. We assess what is working and what isn’t working and start to create a more sound and stable lifestyle routine that suits you. Changes are made and updated in your protocol as your health and goals adapt.

What does the tailored plan contain?
A program tailored specifically to your needs, including a dietary plan, specific tools and information for you with recipes and menu guides. For a sustainable way to lose weight or if you have a specific goal in mind that needs some time spent on achieving it, this is your added tool. If you have not seen me before, you must still book an initial consultation.

What is email support?
Sometimes you don’t need to come in and see me, you just have a burning question, or want me to check the food you planned for dinner, or you’re after a recipe for breakfast on the go. This subscription service means you can ask those questions and keep in touch without making an appointment. There is a single monthly rate or an annual fee and you get a simple reminder at the end of your chosen period asking if you’d like to renew. This is available to all current clients. New clients still need a medical history and initial consultation with me via skype or in person.

What is the difference between a dietitian, and a nutritionist.
A qualified nutritionist like myself has completed a minimum of 3 years in a BSc in Human Nutrition or an equivalent human nutrition post-graduate degree and can go onto complete an MSc in Nutrition if they wish. A reputable nutritionist will also be registered or associate registered with The Nutrition Society of NZ, which means they have adhered to a strict code of ethics, continuing competency and study in their fields of expertise.

Unfortunately in NZ, the term nutritionist is not yet a protected title and anyone can use this term to describe their practice. Always ask where your nutritionist received their qualification, which degree they hold and are they registered.

A dietitian completes a BSc in Human Nutrition and then goes on to complete an MSc in dietetics. Often they specialise in disease management and secure clinical placement in hospitals, private practice and the community. Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists can work alongside each other or specialise in different fields – both are nutrition experts, but in NZ only the term Dietitian is protected and therefore you can’t call yourself one if you have not got a registered degree.

Other services

Training and nutrition combined (prices start at $400)
If you’re not meeting your goals with your current trainer or gym program or don’t wish to pay for a gym membership you’re not comfortable with then talk to me about personalised one on one training and nutrition plans. Especially targeted to those who wish to train in the privacy of their own home or stay active outside. I only hold two spaces open at a time, and they’re for 6 week sessions.


Terms of engagement
I work within the guidelines and code of ethics set out by The Nutrition Society of NZ, and am a member and associate registered nutritionist under their professional accreditation.
I accept direct credit as payment and issue invoices prior to our appointment times. I ask that you pay before we meet, but if you require some flexibility around this please let me know. Your Southern Cross Healthcare plan may cover my fees so check with them before you book.

My fees are based on my qualifications, the time spent with you, the time spent working on your protocols prior to and after meeting with you, and any required research to further enhance your health and plans while working with me.

By booking an appointment with me, you take full responsibility that you have seen your medical practitioner and gained relevant permissions to change your diet and lifestyle where necessary.